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Wild Projects

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90 Miles From Paradise


2018. Rearing Anartia, and Colias, by Silberglied and Annette Aiello, 1976. 8 mm film in partnership with The Smithsonian and George Washington University. Composed in collaboration with Lisa Schonberg.

2018. Mi Hermano, a short premiering at the Woodstock Film Festival by director and filmmaker Alexis Gambis. With Lisa Schonbergy.

2018. She Who Dreams, a short by Imagine Science Festival director and Labocine founder Alexis Gambis. Composed in collaboration with Nathan Clevenger.

2017. Wild Projects, a non-profit collaborating with communities world wide through fearless art, film, and performance productions to inspire resiliency in the face of adversity. In Collaboration with Owen Stewart-Robertson.

2016. Squid, Coming to Life, Imagine Science Film Festival Runner Up. Music originally composed for The Patel Lab at UC Berkeley Dept. of Molecular & Cell Biology, and Woods Hole Marine Biology Lab. In Collaboration with Nathan Clevenger

2016. 90 Miles from Paradise, an the upcoming film by Kim Anno, . Watch the trailer here.  In Collaboration with Nathan Clevenger.


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Squid, Coming to Life

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Mi Hermano