Recent works include:


In the Hour of Butterflies- an interactive sculpture installation, created by the collaborative team of artist Ricardo Rivera, artist Kim Anno, and composer Kristina Dutton, with additional sound design and composition by Nathan Clevenger, and in collaboration with Dr. Arnaud Martin, professor and researcher at George Washington University's Department of Biological Sciences. The first installation of the work was featured at the LAST Festival in April 2017. Listen here. 

Borderless Imaginarya collaboration with director Ann Schnake  and videographer Robert Gomez of MobileIntent, dancers Carmen Serber and Natalie Greene, and composer Linda Bouchard. Borderless Imaginary is a site-specific installation of sculptural works, performance, music, and video projection. View trailer here. 

Drought 1200, a dance performance directed by Kim Anno, in collaboration with Naka Dance Theater, music by Kristina Dutton, Crystal Pascucci, and Kanoko Nishi-Smith

Obstacle In Obstacle is a group consisting of musicians and artists who are dedicated to exploring the space between concert music and interactive installation art. Technology and multimedia are central to the way that lines are blurred between these practices. The result is a multidisciplinary project that is simple and direct in its communication, yet conceptually rich and poetic.  The members are: Erich Richter and Adam Carlin, artists; Aaron Gervais and David Coll, composers/electronic musicians; Kristina Dutton, violin/musical coordinator.

Recordings and Performance

Studio Sessions - examples of various pop and rock group recording and string arrangements.

The Dirty Snacks Ensemble- the brainchild of composer and vibraphonist Mark Clifford

Solo/Duo Pieces and Improvisationsa collection of duo performances and new pieces for solo violin in progress. 

The Broken Trap Ensemble, Astral Spirits Records - The Broken Trap Ensemble explores the group dynamic through the use of strings, reeds and percussion, employing traditional and experimental techniques to create an aural latticework, each instrument reflecting the timbre and texture of the others as the group burrows into a singular sound. With Teddy Rankin-Parker, Daniel Pearce, and Aram Shelton