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unknowingly, this is the third time I’ve posted on a band that features the multi-talented Kristina Dutton. If you are in a band, and want to make it awesome, give her a call.
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String Arrangements, sessions, performance- BIRTHMARk, POLYvinyl records

As Birthmark, Nate Kinsella (American Football, Joan of Arc, Make Believe) creates lush, layered pop that makes inventive use of organic and electronic instrumentation.

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String Arrangements, Sessions, performance - Owen, polyvinyl records-

Owen is the solo project of Chicago's Mike Kinsella. As a departure from over a decade of work playing in a variety of bands -- Cap'n Jazz, American Football, and T/T/T to name a few. Owen's musical output has evolved from sparse acoustic offerings to lush, string-filled arrangements.


string arrangements, sessions- So much light, Anti records

It only takes one play of Idiot Soul for Damien Verrett — the 24-year-old singer/songwriter behind So Much Light — to engulf and captivate the listener. With a soothing flood of inviting melodies over lush instrumental backdrops, Verrett’s soulful crooning instantly encapsulates the sultry allure of So Much Light. His carefully-calibrated production yields an expressive combination of character and charisma that embodies So Much Light’s aesthetic credo as a whole.